Special Bookkeeping Projects

Clean-Up or Catch-Up

We know that life can rapidly spin out of control. Whether your staff simply fell behind on the firm bookkeeping while working on billable matters, or whether your staff inaccurately entered the financial data into your bookkeeping system, we can help. Our staff has extensive experience in working to quickly get your books back into shape. We will review your source documents, verify them against your books, identify any entry errors and fix them. We will then reconcile your accounts to ensure that all errors have been fixed. Contact our company today and take the first steps towards taking control of your firm finances.

New Bookkeeping System Selection, Migration, and Implementation

Making a change to your legal billing and bookkeeping system can be time consuming and overwhelming. Routine business needs to continue without interruption, but taking the time to choose a system, obtaining the data out of your current system, and migrating it to the new system can be time consuming and can interfere with these daily activities. Our staff is knowledgeable about various legal billing and bookkeeping systems and can help you identify which systems contain the features that you want. We also have experience with migrating data from one system to the other and are able to manage that process for your firm. Data imports do not always run smoothly. Our firm can help you identify and clean up any errors that occurred on import. Finally we can help you set up your invoice templates and make sure that the bills look exactly the way you want. By out sourcing these activities you free your staff up to spend time billing clients and you've lowered your costs because our expert will be able to handle the migration more efficiently than staff could. If you are considering making a change to your legal billing and bookkeeping system, contact our company today to take the first step in that journey.

Internal Controls - Systems, Policies & Procedures

In order to ensure that your financial reports are accurate, you have to set up systems, policies, and procedures about how payments are deposits, how checks are written off the account, who is allowed to write checks, who is allowed to make bank deposits, who enters the data into the bookkeeping system, and who reconciles the books to verify that all of the data in the system matches the actual in-flows and out-flows from the bank account. The systems, policies, and procedures are called internal controls, and every business should put them in place. There are several requirements for internal controls that most lawyers and legal staff generally don't know about unless they have an accounting background. Lawyers and staff could take the time to learn about internal controls and design and write up policies and procedures, but this takes time away from billable tasks. Also, you will have to start from scratch when designing these documents, which means it will take a significant amount of time for you to get this task completed.

We have developed stock internal controls documents that can be easily adapted for a solo practitioner or small firm. Because we have already done the heavy lifting to develop the framework for internal controls, we can easily adapt them to incorporate your firm's requirements and preferences. Contact our company today to discuss how we can help you design internal controls that will ensure the accuracy of your firm's financial data, including your trust account records.

Staff Training

Once we have developed financial policies and procedures for your firm, or if you already have them in place, we are happy to train your staff on what those are, why they are important, and the best ways to follow them. We also can help train your staff to become more efficient users of your billing and bookkeeping software. Contact our company today to discuss how staff training could help to improve your firm's efficiency.

Other Special Projects

The examples above are the most common types of project requests we receive from clients. If you have  a special request for us, contact us to schedule a consultation.