About Our Bookkeeping Company

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Our Services

We are a full-service legal bookkeeping company. We offer data entry services including entering staff time for billing purposes and financial data for your business and trust accounts. We also offer legal billing services including preparing monthly billing statements, entering client payments, and preparing contingency fee case reconciliation. We can prepare your monthly and annual bank account reconciliations and reports. We also have the ability to run payroll, calculate 401(k) contributions and enter those transactions into your bookkeeping system.

Our bookkeeper is experienced with many types of bookkeeping and legal billing systems, both cloud and computer based, including CosmoLex, Clio, MyCase, PC Law, Tabs3, Wave, QuickbooksPro, and Quickbooks Online. She learns new bookkeeping systems quickly and can handle law firm bookkeeping no matter the software you use.

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Security Matters to Us

In order to provide remote bookkeeping services clients have to make sensitive financial documents available to our company via web-based systems. Because those document can contain personal identification information, we take the security of your documents very seriously. We use an encrypted email solution for all of our email communications. Rather than emailing documents back and forth, each client has a secure folder on our cloud file sharing site. The file sharing system has robust security.  All files are encrypted during upload/download and while at rest on the system. We use two-factor authentication to make it as difficult as possible for hackers to access our systems. We keep up with computer security matters and are committed to using the most up-to-date security measures recommended by IT experts.


We Value Accuracy

We know that to get a clear understanding of your financial position you must have accurate data in your bookkeeping system. Because of this we are committed to entering your data as consistently and accurately as possible.  We have developed systems, procedures, and policies (internal controls) for entering data into your billing and bookkeeping systems to ensure that we enter your data correctly. Since the data comes from our clients, we also help them to develop their own internal controls to make sure that they send accurate data to us.